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Pro Ice Hockey Player Pays Up After Siberian Debt Collectors Seize Sticks

State bailiffs in Siberia say they have seized a collection of ice hockey sticks belonging to a professional athlete after he failed to repay a debt.

Despite owing 73,000 ($1,500), the man appeared "in no hurry to pay up," according to an online statement by the Novosibirsk branch of the Federal Bailiffs Service.

When a debt collector visited the man's property to take an inventory of his belongings, he noticed a selection of valuable hockey sticks and decided to seize them, the statement added Monday.

The seizure proved effective, as the man referred to the bailiffs the next day, promising to repay the debt. It turned out that the man was a professional hockey player, the bailiff's statement said, citing his mother.

The report came as state bailiffs in Russia's Stavropol region said they had seized the purebred cat of a man who defaulted on his debt.

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