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Arkhangelsk Governor Admits to Drunk Driving on Televised Polygraph

The governor of the Arkhangelsk region admitted during a televised polygraph test Saturday to having driven under the influence.  

Governor Igor Orlov agreed to sit for a televised polygraph test on the NTV channel in a bid to debunk local news reports that he had increased his own monthly salary to 600,000 rubles ($9,350). Orlov denied the rumors, claiming a more modest income of 170,000 rubles ($2,650).

Although the polygraph test showed that Orlov was truthful about his salary, it also showed signs of the governor's nervousness when questions turned to his traffic record.

Orlov admitted that he had been pulled over when he had "residual alcohol" in his blood and that traffic cops had demanded bribes when they had stopped him for speeding.

"If the issue can be solved on the spot, I don't reject [this option]," Orlov told NTV, implying that he had abided by the police officers' request.

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