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Stork, Beavers Deprive Nearly 3,000 Kaliningrad Residents of Electricity

Nearly 3,000 residents in the Kaliningrad region were left without electricity Friday due to the "natural shenanigans" of a stork and beavers in the area, Interfax reported.

The first accident occurred early Friday morning, when 34 electrical substations were wiped out, depriving more than 2,000 residents of power in several villages in the region.

The electrical company soon determined that the cause of the accident was none other than a stork that had unwisely landed on a power line.

"The bird died and caused problems for engineers," Interfax cited an unidentified spokesman for the electricity company as saying.

While engineers were working to fix those 34 substations and restore power, another power line was interfered with, this time by a tree that had been gnawed down by beavers, the report said.

The beavers' handiwork left more than 600 residents without power. Both power lines were restored within about two hours, though the company conceded that the "natural shenanigans" of the animals would likely be a recurring problem.

"We are not immune to such incidents in the future. In this region, unfortunately for our engineers, but fortunately for nature, there are a lot of storks and beavers," the spokesman said in comments to Interfax.

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