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Crimean Politicians Plan to Ban Foreigners From Sevastopol

Lawmakers in Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine earlier this year, are seeking a presidential decree to prohibit foreigners from entering the region's largest city, Sevastopol, a popular Black Sea tourist destination.

While Crimea was part of Ukraine, the region's population was known to swell two to three times at the height of the summer tourist season, Communist faction leader Vasily Parkhomenko told the Interfax news agency on Saturday.

But, Parkhomenko added, the region isn't currently ready for an influx of tourists. "This is a matter of safety. The city is filled with military sites … so under the current conditions there needs to be a certain vigilance."

Representatives of the Communist and "Patriots of Russia" parties submitted to the region's main legislature a draft of an address to President Vladimir Putin that, if approved, would prevent foreigners, Russian citizens with criminal records, and even homeless people from entering the city.

The draft will be officially considered by the regional legislature on Thursday, Parkhomenko said.

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