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Naked Policeman Who Decapitated Landlady 'Crazy,' Medics Say

Naked policeman stabbed his elderly landlady in the chest 12 times.

A former policeman who chopped off the head of his "possessed" landlady before running naked from the scene of the crime has been declared crazy by regional investigators, a news report said.

The 25-year-old man from Ozhyorsk in the Chelyabinsk region stabbed his elderly landlady in the chest 12 times before slicing off her head in the attack that took place in February, local website polit74 reported Friday.

After the gruesome crime, the man jumped from the window of the second-story apartment and ran naked through the streets, sheltering among bags of rubbish for several hours in a bid to hide from "evil spirits," the report added.

During this time, the naked policeman tried to steal a passerby's bag and attacked two 10-year old boys, beating one of them and throwing him into the snow, senior investigator Alexei Kvashnin told news website MK Ural.

Regional investigators carried out a psychiatric examination of the man, who explained his actions by saying his landlady appeared to have been possessed by a demon, concluding the man was a danger to both himself and others, Kvashnin added.

Investigators have requested that the court take the necessary medical steps which could include sending the man for treatment at a psychiatric hospital, the report said.

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