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Car-Crash Cab Driver Found Dead in Trunk

Police were summoned in the morning to investigate a traffic accident that involved a taxi cab.

The scene, though tragic, was common enough: a road accident, a damaged car, a dead driver. But there was a twist: The body was not in the driver seat, but in the trunk.

Police in the far eastern Amur region were summoned in the early hours of Wednesday morning to investigate a traffic accident that involved a taxi cab, and found the driver appeared to have fled the scene, a regional Investigative Committee spokesman, Alexei Lubinsky, told Interfax.

Opening the car trunk, officers found the body of a man showing signs of a violent death. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the 49-year-old was a cab driver and the owner of the vehicle, Lubinsky was quoted as saying.

Police are searching for two young men who called the cab earlier that night and who are believed to be connected to the killing, the report said.

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