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Russian Employees Need Career Guarantees and Positive Environment

Russian employees are more eager to stay in a company if it offers career growth prospects and positive working environment, a report published by Ernst and Young said.

The company had polled 1,109 professionals in Brazil, Russia, India and China to find out the drivers of satisfaction among people, and came to a conclusion that international companies operating in BRIC countries should adapt their employment offerings to specific features of the market in each country to succeed in attracting and retaining talented employees.

"Multinational companies need to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. Each market presents different challenges," Bill Leisy, global talent and reward leader in Ernst and Young human capital division, was quoted as saying in the company's press release. "Understanding cultural differences and professional preferences will position an organization to develop an employer brand that not only attracts the best people in the first place but also implement a strategy to engage and retain them," he said.

A Russian recruiting agency has also made recently a separate survey among 10,500 people from 35 different professions in Russia to come out to a similar conclusion that carrier growth is the key factor that makes Russians chose a job and stay in a company. This is especially important for bank employees, 51 percent of which pointed out this factor as the leading one.

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