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Defense Ministry Official Raps to Promote Armed Forces (Video)

The head of the newly created Defense Ministry culture department Anton Gubankov has written and performed a rap song to boost the reputation of Russia's armed forces and the prestige of military service.

The official's 2:43-minute long video was initially posted on social networks a week ago and has since won popularity among Internet users, Interfax reported.

Gubankov said he chose the unusual way of reaching his audience after a recent board meeting at the Defense Ministry to address raising the prestige of military service, particularly the attractiveness of contract service. He said that "many were skeptical of the music idea, but I argued that it was possible."

In the video, which according to Gubankov was shot all in one day, the official appears at an office desk while a video showing young soldiers and patriotic images plays behind him. He hails the restoration of the armed forces and calls on young people to answer the call.

"Batman on the inside and Rambo outside is the kind of soldier and officer we need," the official says in the video.

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