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Builder Stabbed to Death in 10-Man Brawl

Two unrelated knife attacks resulting in three hospitalizations and one death have been reported in Moscow this week.

Police in Moscow said they have detained the participants in a mass brawl that took place Thursday and left two people requiring hospital treatment for stab wounds, Interfax reported.

The incident took place at 22:30 p.m. on Mosfilmovskaya Ulitsa and involved 10 workers from a nearby construction site. The men showed signs of alcohol intoxication, an Interior Ministry representative said.

An investigation into the incident is being conducted.

In a separate incident, an 30-year-old Uzbek man was stabbed to death Tuesday morning, following an altercation on Samarkandsky Bulvar in Vykhino, southeast Moscow.

Two men from the North Caucasus were repairing their car, when a group of four men from Central Asia stopped to help the pair. For unknown reasons, a dispute ensued and one of the men who had been fixing the car got a knife and stabbed two of the Central Asian men, investigators said.

One of the victims, a 30-year-old Uzbek man, died in the hospital, but doctors were able to save the life of his companion, Interfax reported.

Police swiftly apprehended the suspect, a 21-year-old unemployed man, who has been charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm leading to death.

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