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Gadhafi Rally Approved, Bras in the Pipeline

Sokolniki Park has approved a public event organized by the For Gadhafi and his People society in the special "Hyde Park" area designated for public speeches and demonstrations, a news report said.

The rally is in honor of Moammar Gadhafi, the former ruler of Libya, and will take place on Friday, June 7, marking the 71st anniversary of his birth. He was assassinated by rebel forces in October 2011.

Organizers expect the event to attract up to 150 people.

The park's administration is also considering an application to stage a rally "Against Bras" that seeks to "popularize topless tanning and inform society about harm from using bras."

However, it has not yet been approved, Interfax reported.

If the rally is allowed to go ahead at noon on Sunday, the organizers think as many as 100 people could come along.

The speakers' corners, named after the famous central London park, opened in Sokolniki and Gorky parks on May 1. However, unlike in London, those planning to stage rallies still have to notify local authorities.

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