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Rain to Cleanse Moscow's Air

Rain showers will wipe Moscow's air clean over the next few days, weather forecasters said Wednesday.

The rain was to start Wednesday and continue Thursday, before taking a break on Friday, Interfax reported, citing the Moscow weather bureau.

The temperature, which has been unseasonably chilly this week, is expected to rise to 12 to 13 degrees Celsius on Friday.

The rain will return Saturday and Sunday and fall more strongly, but next week is expected to bring dry and warmer weather, Interfax said.

The temperature should fluctuate between 13 and 18 C Saturday and 10 to 15 C Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday, the temperature should reach 20 C.

The rain will clean the pollution from the city's air, said Alexei Popikov, a senior researcher with the Moscow Service for Ecological Monitoring, Interfax reported.

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