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Teen Falls to Death While Fleeing Stuck Elevator

A 14-year-old girl fell to her death in a Moscow elevator shaft when she tried to escape from an elevator stuck between two floors, investigators said.

The unidentified girl and some friends were waiting for the arrival of another acquaintance in a residential building and decided to go for a ride on the elevator around 3 pm. Sunday, the Investigative Committee said in a statement.

The elevator came to a halt and became stuck between the 12th and 13th floors.

Instead of waiting for emergency personnel to free them, the teens managed to open up the elevator doors. The 14-year-old girl attempted to climb down to the 12th floor but was unable to hold on and fell about 36 meters to her death.

The accident occurred at an apartment building at 44 Rublovskoye Shosse, Korpus 2, in western Moscow, Interfax reported.

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