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Junior Gaidar Buys Into Bank

The son of late prominent economist Yegor Gaidar entered into banking by buying a sizeable stake in Strategia, a news report said Thursday.

The elder Gaidar earned both adoration and disdain as a mastermind of Russia's post-Communist transition to a market economy — a move that saved the country from a complete collapse but turned millions into paupers.

His son Pyotr has held a low profile until Strategia, which ranks No. 445 in terms of assets among Russian lenders, announced that he acquired a 19.5 percent stake.

"I know well how reliable this bank is and what potential it has," the junior Gaidar said, Vedomosti reported.

The stake in the bank changed hands Jan. 18, the report said. Gaidar bought it from Viktoria Gukovskaya.

The other principal co-owners are little-known business people Oleg Medvedev, Leonid Kelin, Alexei Andronov and Irina Rubinova, who each hold 19.9 percent.

Pyotr Gaidar, 33, said he had a seat on the bank's board since November 2011. Board chairman Yakov Urinson and the elder Gaidar were friends.

Established in 1994, Strategia has offices in Moscow, Perm, Kaluga and Kostroma.

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