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City Draws Up 24 New Street Names

City authorities have approved names for 24 previously unnamed streets and lanes in Moscow and its newly incorporated territories.

Ivan Seregin, deputy chairman of City Hall's public relations committee, said that names had been assigned to 12 lanes based on neighboring street names in the capital's Central, Southwestern, Eastern and Western federal districts, Moskovskiye Novosti reported.

Another 12 streets in a residential area near the village of Rasskazovka, which was recently incorporated into Moscow's city limits, will be named after famous Russian writers Boris Pasternak, Korney Chukovsky and Anna Akhmatova, among others.

"During the last meeting, the commission did not make any criminal or dumb decisions," Vladimir Maximov, a Russian Geographical Society member, told the newspaper.

"The decision is welcomed, as every street should have a name so that people can find their bearings in the city," he said.

According to motorists' advocacy group, which works on improving the city's traffic and pushed for the new street names by holding a public vote, there are currently 50 unnamed streets in Moscow and its territories.

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