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Lukashenko Says Tuesday's Vote Won't Halt 'Bulldozer' U.S.

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko, describing the U.S. as "a bulldozer driving through the entire world," said he doubted that the White House would change its policy toward him no matter who was elected president Tuesday.

"I'm not really expecting any change in our relations with the U.S.," Lukashenko told reporters in Minsk.

"But if the Americans are ready to take steps toward change, then so are we," he said, according to Interfax.

Lukashenko was referred to as "Europe's last dictator" by the administration of George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, who was fighting to hold onto the White House against challenger Mitt Romney as Americans voted in a presidential election Tuesday, has maintained a tough policy that included punishing sanctions after Lukashenko won a disputed election in 2010.

Lukashenko said neither Obama nor Romney would embark on a change of course for U.S.-Belarussian relations.

"The U.S. is a country with huge inertia. It drives through the entire world like a bulldozer," he said. "We should not trust it."

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