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Supreme Court Gives Green Light to Bryansk Vote

The Bryansk region will hold a gubernatorial election after all this weekend following a Supreme Court ruling that its incumbent governor can take part.

The Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a lower court ruling that ordered Governor Nikolai Denin barred from the race.

Denin, who is a candidate with the ruling United Russia party, had been struck from the ballot after his Communist Party rival, Vadim Potomsky, questioned the validity of the signatures submitted for his candidacy registration.

The Bryansk region's branch of the Central Elections Committee appealed the lower court's ruling to the Supreme Court earlier this week, saying that Denin's submitted documents met the legal requirements.

Both Denin and Potomsky have indicated that they are satisfied with Thursday's decision. Without the Supreme Court's ruling, the region would have had to postpone the vote because Potomsky and Denin are the only candidates registered.

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