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Samara Region to Sue Berezovsky in London

Exiled businessman Boris Berezovsky could soon be back in a London courtroom after the government of the Samara region announced plans to sue the tycoon for 989 million rubles ($30.1 million).

The region's press service said the sum was part of 1.06 billion rubles in court-ordered damages Berezovsky and his business partner Yuly Dubov owe, Interfax reported.

Berezovsky and Dubov were found guilty in absentia of using their LogoVAZ dealership to defraud AvtoVAZ of 2,000 cars in 2009. They were both sentenced to 13 years in prison and ordered to compensate the Samara administration.

The regional administration received 74 million rubles after law enforcement agencies seized 109 million rubles' worth of Berezovsky's property in Russia and distributed it to creditors in April, local authorities said in a statement.

The administration said it would seek the "outstanding debt" of 989 million rubles in the High Court in London.

In August, an English judge threw out a $5.6 billion claim Berezovsky brought against fellow tycoon Roman Abramovich, calling Berezovsky an "unimpressive and inherently unreliable witness."

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