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Aggrieved Father Suspected of Leaving Son's Attacker to Die in Forest

Komi republic police have detained a man suspected of abducting a youth involved in the murder of his son and leaving him to die in a local forest more than a year after judges handed the youth a suspended sentence.

According to investigators, aggrieved father Sergei Asayonok abducted Konstantin Kotov on Sept. 13 and tied him to a tree in a forest outside Syktyvkar.

Two days later, Kotov managed to escape from the handcuffs used to detain him and crawled to a nearby police station, where he told officers about his ordeal. Asayonok and an accomplice in the abduction were promptly detained by police, investigators said in a statement on their official website.

A criminal case has been opened on abduction charges.

Local media linked Kotov's abduction to the murder of Asayonok's 18-year-old son Roman, who was savagely beaten to death while walking home in Syktyvkar by Kotov and five others in November 2010.

Kotov and four others were let off with a suspended sentences at a court hearing in May 2011, and only the youth who dealt the fatal blow to Asayonok's son received prison time.

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