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Thief Robs Pensioner of $200,000, Faberge Eggs

A burglar stole $200,000 in cash and 60 million rubles in antiques, including two Faberge eggs, from a retired art collector's home over the weekend, media reports said.

St. Petersburg resident Vladimir Mukhin, 57, contacted police on Monday after he returned home from a weekend getaway and realized that his private collection had been plundered.

Mukhin claimed that the burglar hardly left a trace of the crime, with no sign of forced entry. Whether the property was insured has not been disclosed.

Five million rubles, $30,000 and 3,000 euros, as well as rare coins, icons and paintings by Aivazovsky, Shilder, Dubovsky, Bogolyubov, Meshchersky and many other renowned Russian artists were stolen, Life News and Interfax reported. An investigation is under way.

Also in the northern capital, an octogenarian was robbed by two women she let into her home because they said they were social workers. The robbers made off with $30,000 in rubles and euros.

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