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United Way of Russia Golfs to Raise Money

Golfers taking part in the five-ball scramble at the Moscow Country Club.

More than 100 people helped to raise around $90,000 and knock some balls around at the 10th Annual Golf Charity Tournament at the Moscow Country Club.

The event Friday was organized by United Way of Russia, and it raised money for a series of charities that it supports, including the Taganka Children's Fund and the Center for Curative Pedagogics.

Twenty teams of five people competed in a game of five ball scramble over 18 holes.

"It's a fun and entertaining event; it brings together the gold community and the business leaders in the community," said Tim Copland, a partner at Deloitte and a chairman of the board at United Way.

Each team had to have a minimum total golfing handicap of -85 to ensure a fair tournament. Copland was on the winning team, which won with a score of -18.

Attendees included executives from Citibank, U.S. Dental Care, Shell, Xerox, Chevron, as well as other donor companies.

United Way of Russia has been active for almost 20 years in Russia giving funds to programs that help the elderly, children, the disabled and refugees, and the golf tournament is one of its most important fund raisers.

United Way has been a long favorite of expats because of its clear management of the money it raises.

"We audit the charity to see that the funds will go to appropriate places," said Copland. "There is a long and complicated governance process."

"There are many recurring golfers," Mark Stiles, director of Cushman & Wakefield, said of the event. "We trust the allocation of funds."

Although the event was initially almost 100 percent expats, "this year we were about 60 percent expat and 40 percent Russian," Copland said.

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