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Moscow's Crazy Roads: Out-of-Control Swerve to (Almost) Perfect Parking Job

Editor's note: This video is part of a series. The Moscow Times will publish a selection of unusual incidents on roads in Moscow and the Moscow region in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more video clips.

An impatient driver pulled a risky maneuver on a Moscow region road over the weekend trying to pass a car in the next lane, only to end up parked at the curb instead.

Footage of the incident shot from the dashboard of the car that got passed — and, in the process, sideswiped — shows a station wagon bolt forward in the neighboring lane, then try to switch lanes in a narrow stretch of space.

The station wagon clips the car with the camera, then immediately swings 180 degrees back across three lanes of traffic — right to the curb.

If it hadn't slammed into the back of a car already stopped there, it would have been a perfect parking job.

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