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Moscow's Crazy Roads: Truck Skids to a Halt at Unexpected Red Light

Editor's note: This video is part of a series. The Moscow Times will publish a selection of unusual incidents on roads in Moscow and the Moscow region in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more video clips.

One sunny day late last month, a truck driver showed off his lightening-fast reaction time on Yaroslavskoye Shosse by slamming on his brakes at a red light and swinging the wheel of his rig to stop it just before a crosswalk.

In footage of the incident shot by a camera mounted on a trailing car, the truck is shown cruising along the highway before suddenly stopping at a traffic light by skidding across nearby lanes of traffic — which, luckily, were empty of other cars.

After pedestrians make their way around the truck to cross the street, the car with the camera recording the incident nonchalantly maneuvers past the fast-acting flatbed.

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