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Woman Survives Strike From Plane Propeller

Antonov An-24

A woman survived being struck by the propeller of an Antonov An-24 aircraft with severe injuries at the Krasnoyarsk airport Thursday.

The incident occurred Thursday morning as the plane's engines were started for a flight to Kodinsk, a representative of the West Siberian Transportation Prosecutor's Office told RIA-Novosti.

Despite a warning from a technician, the woman did not move away from the plane, and she remained unnoticed by the pilot, who started the engines, representative Natalya Krinitskaya told the news agency.

The woman, employed at the airport as an aircraft cleaner, was hit by the blades and hospitalized with injuries to her head, chest and arms. There were only four crew members on the plane at the time of the incident, with no passengers on board.

Transportation prosecutors have opened an investigation into the incident.

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