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Russians Believe in Love at First Sight, Poll Says

The survey found that 57 percent of men and 46 percent of women had fallen for their partner straight away. Andrei Makhonin

The majority of Russians believe in love at first sight, with men more susceptible than women, a new survey released Sunday shows.

Seventy percent of respondents told pollsters working for the research portal that they believe that love can strike instantly, while 53 percent said they had experienced the feeling.

"To be in love, it seems, is when it's not only difficult to live without the other person, but when it's hard to even breathe without each other," respondents told pollsters, Interfax reported.

The survey, released to coincide with the July 8 Day of Love, Family and Fidelity, found that 57 percent of men and 46 percent of women had fallen for their partner straight away.

But 19 percent were more skeptical about amorous relations. Respondents from this group said, "Love is a sublime feeling, it doesn't come from nowhere. You've got to get used to it," according to Interfax.

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