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Globalization Ranking of Moscow Improves

Moscow jumped six places in its level of globalization, according to a recent rating by consulting company A.T. Kearney.

The biannual ranking covers 66 cities around the world and considers factors like business activity, human capital, information flow, level of culture and political significance.

New York, London and Paris were at the top of the list, respectively, while Moscow was in 19th place, up from 25th place last year.

Russia's capital was the only city to make such a significant leap since 2010. This is due to a significant improvement in the rating of business activity, with Moscow climbing from 34th place to 28th place in this year's rating. The increase in information exchange was also significant, up to 36th place this year versus 47th in the last rating. Moscow consistently ranks high in the cultural sphere, thanks to its museums and other attractions, achieving 5th place among all the ranked metropolises.

Beijing took 14th place overall, up one rung from 2010, while Sao Palo, Brazil, was ranked behind Moscow in 33rd place, up two places from the last survey. Mumbai was ranked in 45th place.

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