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Used Lada Sales Down

Sales of second-hand cars in Russia increased 12.2 percent year on year last year to 414,600 automobiles, Interfax reported Wednesday, citing analytical agency Avtostat.

Sales leader AvtoVAZ Lada was off 14.3 percent year on year at 1.39 million.

Lada was followed by Toyotas (up 0.3 percent at 492,489), Nissans (up 2.8 percent at 194,307), Fords (up 12.5 percent at 133,731), Mitsubishis (up 4.2 percent at 128,284), VWs (up 10.1 percent at 123,060), Hondas (up 5 percent at 122,575), Hyundais (up 13.1 percent at 112,127), Chevrolets (up 10.9 percent at 107,880) and Opels (up 11.3 percent at 93,440).


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