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Bulbov Gets Suspended Sentence

Former senior Federal Drug Control official Alexander Bulbov got off with a three-year suspended sentence for fraud and abuse of office Tuesday, but his problems are not over yet because another investigation is ongoing.

The Moscow City Court convicted Bulbov of illegally receiving 670,000 rubles ($21,300) in pension payments from the Federal Security Service and of illegally providing car passes granting immunity from traffic police to his acquaintances, the Investigative Committee said in a statement.

The trial, which opened Monday, was fast-tracked because Bulbov pleaded guilty, apparently under "severe pressure" from the authorities, one of his former lawyers told Kommersant on Monday.

Meanwhile, an investigation into whether Bulbov illegally wiretapped government officials has been extended until April 7, the committee said.

Bulbov has said the cases against him were fabricated by the Federal Security Service as revenge for his investigation into the Tri Kita furniture store, which he accused of smuggling goods through storage facilities owned by the FSB.

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