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Tsar’s Church Burns

Workers cleaning up the ruins of a church near Yekaterinburg commemorating Russia’s last tsar after it burned to the ground Tuesday. The Russian Orthodox church was built on the site where the remains Konstantin Salomatin

A fire roared early Tuesday through a Russian Orthodox church built on the site near Yekaterinburg where the remains of the last Russian tsar and his family were discarded after being executed in 1918, Interfax said.

No one was injured in the fire, but the Church of the Mother of God Icon Derzhavnaya, one of several churches belonging to a monastery in the area of Ganina Yama, was ravaged by the blaze, which left only the building’s stone foundation standing.

The fire was likely started by a malfunctioning boiler, Interfax said, citing the Emergency Situations Ministry. The Sverdlovsk region’s bishop, Vikenty, said a donation drive would be launched to restore the church.


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