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Report: Bees Get More Than Smog Victims

Mayor Yury Luzhkov has assigned less money for the post-smog treatment of vulnerable city residents than of bees, the popular tabloid reported Wednesday.

The report, which could deal a new blow to the mayor's reputation in connection with this summer's wildfires, said Luzhkov has ordered the city to spend 105 million rubles ($3.4 million) to send elderly and disabled residents to various health sanatoriums to recover from “unfavorable weather conditions."

Luzhkov also has ordered the city to invest 256 million rubles into Mosmedynagroprom, an agricultural company that produces honey and other foodstuffs and is owned by the city government.

The producer, located in the Kaluga region village of Medyn — informally known as “Luzhkov's Mansion” — also cares for the personal bee farm of Luzhkov, a well-known beekeeping enthusiast, reported.

The web site published copies of both Luzhkov orders.

City Hall did not comment on the report Wednesday.

Luzhkov interrupted an Austrian vacation earlier this month after facing criticism for staying away while heavy smog from wildfires blanketed Moscow for days on end. The mayor resumed his vacation last week.

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