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BP's Dudley to Meet With Sechin This Week

BP incoming chief executive Robert Dudley will arrive in Moscow this week and is likely to meet with Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin on Aug. 4, Sechin's spokesman said Monday.

Dudley, who had worked for five years as CEO of TNK-BP, will be accompanied by outgoing BP chief Tony Hayward, the spokesman said. He declined to comment on the agenda.

TNK-BP accounts for about a quarter of BP’s production and a fifth of its reserves. Two years ago, Dudley, 54, left Russia, citing “sustained harassment” during a battle for control between BP and its partners.

BP spokesman Vladimir Buyanov said the executives plan to come to Moscow to reintroduce Dudley to the government as CEO and meet with business partners, given Russia’s importance to the company. He declined to comment on the timing of the trip.

In March 2007, former BP CEO John Browne traveled to Moscow to introduce his then-successor Hayward to then-President Vladimir Putin.

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