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Don't Send Nude Photos, Dagestan Police Official Warns Women

Dagestan Interior Ministry spokeswoman Gayana Garieva. Gayana Garieva / Instagram

Women in Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Dagestan have been warned against sending nude photos to their partners as police have apparently seen an uptick in complaints from women whose partners had taken advantage of them.

“No matter how in love you are, no matter how infatuated you are with this prince, don’t lose your mind! Don’t rule out a possible quarrel and a breakup!” Gayana Garieva, the spokeswoman for Dagestan’s Interior Ministry, wrote on her Telegram channel Thursday. 

“Alas...sometimes a prince on a white horse turns out to be a goat on an emaciated donkey or even a walking brute with assh*** habits,” she added. 

Garieva alluded to receiving a large number of requests for legal help from local women whose former partners threatened to publish — or actually published — their intimate photos and videos. 

“You ask me for help, but tie my hands by requesting anonymity. I understand your fears, but…I can’t do anything without the help of my colleagues,” the spokeswoman said. 

Garieva later told the independent news outlet Podyom that the post was her “personal message” to women in the republic and did not reflect her ministry’s official position.  

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