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Russia Dismisses Claims It Ordered Paris Stars of David Graffiti

A building in Paris whose facade is covered with Stars of David. Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt / AFP

Russia on Thursday dismissed accusations that Moscow was behind the daubing of dozens of Stars of David on buildings in Paris and its suburbs as "stupid."

Investigators said some of the mass graffiti — widely condemned as antisemitic — may have been carried out at the "express demand" of an individual residing abroad, implying a possible connection to Russia.

"It's stupid, utter rubbish and just plain undignified," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told reporters on Thursday when asked about accusations of a Russian link.

Tensions have been rising in Paris, home to large Jewish and Muslim communities, in the wake of the attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas on Israel on Oct. 7 which has been followed by Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

"This is an attempt by the authorities in France, or their special services, simply to pretend that the growth of anti-Semitism in France is something other than an internal problem," she added.

The graffiti, which for some brought back horrific memories of the Nazi occupation of Paris during World War II and the deportation of French Jews to death camps, was condemned across the political spectrum.

France said it had arrested two Moldovans in connection with the graffiti, who told investigators they were acting at the behest of a third party.

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