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Russia Arrests Sailor Accused of Plotting to Blow Up Warship 

A ship in Russia's Black Sea Fleet. Indian Navy

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) on Thursday said it arrested a Russian Navy sailor who it accused of plotting to blow up a warship.

The FSB said the sailor had been recruited by Ukrainian special services “to commit a terror attack aboard one of the Black Sea Fleet ships carrying high-precision missile weapons.”

It added that the sailor had been in possession of two improvised explosive devices when he was detained. 

Unlike with previous arrests of accused saboteurs, the FSB's statement on Thursday was not accompanied by photos or video of the detention.

As of early Thursday, Ukraine’s Navy said seven Russian warships — one of them carrying Kalibr cruise missiles — were performing combat duty in the Black Sea.

The FSB also accused the detained sailor of sharing state secrets with Kyiv, according to Interfax.

He was charged with terrorism, treason, illicit trafficking of explosives and disclosing state secrets.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

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