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Russia's FSB Kills Man Accused of Attempting Sabotage Attack

A bomb disposal crew detonates an explosive device at the scene of the shootout. FSB of Russia

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has shot and killed a man it accused of trying to blow up a gas distribution network in the western Siberian region of Tyumen, state media reported Thursday. 

The FSB said it had foiled a terrorist attack “carried out by Russian supporters of nationalist ideas, who acted under the command of Ukrainian military units."

Baza, a Telegram channel believed to have links to Russia’s security services, identified the target of the attack as a Transneft oil and gas distribution network.

Law enforcement officials did not specify how many people were involved in the alleged terrorist attack, noting only that one of the individuals involved had opened fire on FSB agents, who returned fire and killed him.

The identity of the person killed was not revealed, with the officials saying only that he was a 38-year-old man.

A Makarov pistol and improvised explosive devices were found at the scene of the shootout, according to law enforcement.

Video shared by the Russian military's Zvezda news channel showed a bomb disposal crew detonating an explosive device in the field where the shootout was said to have taken place.

Russia's security services have claimed, with increasing frequency, to have thwarted terrorist attacks and treason-related arrests after President Vladimir Putin urged them to step up their counterintelligence activities in February 2023.

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