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Fourth Billionaire Renounces Russian Citizenship Over Ukraine

Nikolai Storonsky. Stephen McCarthy / Web Summit via Sportsfile (CC BY 2.0)

The Russian-born co-founder and CEO of British digital bank Revolut has become the fourth billionaire to renounce his Russian citizenship, The Telegraph reported on Saturday.

Nik Storonsky, 37, had dual British and Russian citizenship until his decision to renounce his Russian citizenship earlier this year, the report said.

Storonsky, who has publicly condemned Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, is the son of Nikolai Storonsky, the head of Russian energy giant Gazprom’s research institute Promgaz.

Ukraine imposed sanctions on Nikolai Storonsky senior on Oct. 19, banning him from entering Ukraine and freezing his assets in the country.

In April, Nik Stornsky asked Forbes, which currently estimates his net worth at $7.1 billion, to stop referring to him as a Russian billionaire.

"His position on the war is on the public record: the war is totally abhorrent and he remains resolute in calling for an immediate end to the fighting," The Telegraph quoted a Revolut spokesperson as saying.

Storonsky, who was born in the Moscow region town of Dolgoprudny, is at least the fourth billionaire to renounce his Russian citizenship since Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine began in February.

The other three billionaires known to have taken the same step are Facebook investor Yury Milner, Freedom Holding retail brokerage founder Timur Turlov and Armenian-born financier Ruben Vardanyan.

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