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News From Russia: What You Missed Over the Weekend

Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS

Resistance clampdown

Russian police detained more than 900 people across the country for protesting Moscow's "military operation" in Ukraine Sunday, as the conflict continues for a third week.

OVD-Info, which monitors arrests during protests, said police had detained 918 people during demonstrations in 37 cities in Russia.

Instagram era

Russians were relishing their final moments scrolling through Instagram on Sunday, while bloggers and small businesses that rely heavily on the platform scrambled to lure followers elsewhere online.

Moscow announced last week that access to the social network would cease, accusing Instagram's parent company Meta of turning a blind eye to calls for violence against Russians.

Off-limits offshore

Bermuda says it is suspending certification of Russian planes licensed in the British overseas territory due to sanctions on Moscow, likely impacting hundreds of Russian commercial aircraft around the world.

The move could have critical effects including the grounding of a significant portion of the Russian fleet, more than 700 of which are believed to be licensed in Bermuda, which is considered to be a tax haven.

Eastward appeal

Russia has asked China for military and economic aid for its war in Ukraine, U.S. media reported Sunday, hours after the White House warned Beijing would face severe "consequences" if it helps Moscow evade sanctions. 

U.S. officials told the media that Russia had requested military equipment and support from its key ally.  

Moscow also asked Beijing for economic assistance against the crippling sanctions imposed against it by most of the Western world, the New York Times said, again citing anonymous officials.

The officials declined to explain exactly what Russia had requested, or whether China had responded, according to the reports.

Western targets 

Russia on Saturday said its troops could target supplies of Western weapons in Ukraine, where the Russian army has been advancing since late February. 

Less than 24 hours later, Russia launched air strikes on a military training ground outside Ukraine's western city of Lviv, near the border with NATO member Poland, killing what Ukrainian officials say 35 and more than 130. Russia claimed to have killed up to 180 foreign mercenaries.

					The western Ukrainian city of Lviv has prepared for a possible bombing.					 					Yevhenii Kravs / UNIAN
The western Ukrainian city of Lviv has prepared for a possible bombing. Yevhenii Kravs / UNIAN

AFP contributed reporting.

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