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Siberian Cows Wear Woolly Bras to Stay Warm

Yakutian cows wear woolly bras during the brutal winter. The Siberian Times

As winter temperatures drop below minus 45 degrees Celsius in Russia’s coldest village, even the local cows need all the help they can get to stay warm — including putting a bra on their udders.

Nikolay Atlasov, a farmer from the village of Oymyakon in the republic of Sakha, makes woolly bras for his herd of five cows to protect the tender skin on their udders from the brutal cold. The bras are made from old sheepskin coats or hare fur, The Siberian Times reported.

Video shows Atlasov dressing the cows in their triangular bras as they go outside for a drink from the watering hole. 

“They are our breadwinners,” Atlasov, an Oymyakon native in his 70s, told The Siberian Times. “They spend winters in a shed, but every day they go outside even if the air temperature is minus 60 C.”

The garments are said to save up to two liters of milk per cow.

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