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Inevitably, the quarantine in Moscow presents us all with an excellent opportunity to develop our talents in the kitchen ;-). Therefore, more than ever, it is indeed wonderful to have someone else to cook for you and the family from time to time. At the same time you can contribute to something good! Ordering food from your favorite Moscow restaurants means a lot to the local business during these hard times. And home delivery can also bring us more variety in our isolated homes.
We do recommend the Yandex.Eda and Delivery Club applications, especially if you live in the Moscow center where there is a great choice of food venues to order from. But these services have a limitation in how far they can deliver. So what if the restaurant you like is not delivering to your area? You should not give up! Contact your restaurant and ask them for delivery options. Many of them will offer delivery with normal Yandex taxi. And luckily, the Moscow traffic is not so bad these days, so we have a chance to receive our food still warm even if the restaurant is located a little bit further away from your home.
During the recent isolation weeks we have ordered from our top choice Indian in Moscow "Dhaba" Dhaba and our top choice Moscow Thai "Thai Pattara" Thai Pattara From these two restaurants, we could order over the phone in English. These restaurants also suggested delivery by taxi. To avoid negative surprises it is recommended to check the delivery cost with the restaurant before ordering. We estimated the delivery price via Yandex.Taxi. One time we ordered taxi ourselves and simply asked the driver to pick up the food for us. Here some Russian speaking skills are of course helpful! But we are sure that many restaurants will be ready to arrange taxi to make it more convenient for you. As the business is very slow these days we experienced that the restaurants and taxi drivers are more flexible than ever and willing to accommodate our needs. Meanwhile when you order from a restaurant which is not close by, do check if they deliver by foot or by car.
We payed our orders online through our Sberbank card Sberbank If you do not have one, all banks are open and it is very easy to obtain a Sberbank card also for foreigners, and it will not cost you anything. The Sberbank card will make your quarantine life more convenient and you can fill it up from you international bank account.
Overall our Thai and Indian home dinners turned out to be both authentic and yummy.
Furthermore we got a nice surprise from Thai Patara - a complimentary fresh mango for dessert - which was very appreciated by all family members.
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