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Watch an Old Soviet Movie at Moskino

New shorts and old favorites on the Moskino studio site

Scene from the 1968 "Golden Calf"

Moskino studio has a terrific “Moskino at home” section on its site offering a variety of films - short and long, old and new - to keep you happy and busy over the long days of self-isolation and quarantine. There are 10 “favorite” films for the whole family from the 1960s and 70s, like “Wild Dog Dingo” from 1962 and “The Golden Calf” as directed by Mikhail Shveitser in 1968. Some have English subtitles; some, alas, have them in other languages or not at all. Start clicking through them.

You can also check out the winners in a competition of films done in a relatively new genre – shot on phones; see a series of short films in Russian; watch several fascinating discussions about film organized by film critic Anton Dolin, the editor of The Art of Cinema journal; or go down memory lane with animated films from the Soviet period.  On the second page of options you can watch two silent films by Alexander Dovzhenko, the iconic “Earth” and “Arsenal” with new electronic soundtracks performed last year.

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