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Be an Audience of One

The Moscow Philharmonic broadcasts armchair concerts

Host Irina Tushintseva introduces pianist Boris Berezovsky

The Moscow Philharmonic has launched "armchair concerts" — concerts held in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall to an audience on one: the host. The hosts introduce the performers, composers and music, and then you sit back in your armchair, or desk chair, or dining room chair and enjoy a beautifully filmed and recorded concert. 

On Thursday at 7 p.m. Moscow time (noon in New York, 4 p.m. in London) you can enjoy works by Schumann, Rachmaninoff, and Piazzolla performed by Boris Andrianov (cello) and Andrei Gugnin (piano). Tomorrow — an evening of Chopin.

You can also enjoy previous concerts. Just click on the site, register (free of charge) and choose whatever you'd like to hear.

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