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1 in 3 Russian Hospitals Lack Water Supply – Audit Chamber

Conditions in Russian hospitals have barely changed since 2016, the Audit Chamber said. Yevgeny Leonov / TASS

Nearly one-third of Russia’s medical facilities lack a water supply network and more than 40% lack central heating, the Russian government’s public spending watchdog has said in its latest report on children’s health.

Out of the almost 117,000 buildings inspected as of January 2019, Russia’s Audit Chamber said 41.1% had no central heating and 30.5% had no water.

The figures have barely changed since 2016, when Russia’s previous chief auditor said central heating was absent in 40.5% of Russian hospitals and water was absent in 31%.

In 2019, 52.1% of hospitals had no hot water and 47% lacked accessibility for the physically disabled, the Audit Chamber said Friday. Sewer systems were absent in 35% of Russian hospitals.

Fourteen percent of the inspected buildings required major repairs.

The watchdog also criticized President Vladimir Putin’s $400 billion national spending program for earmarking a small fraction of the funds on children’s healthcare through 2024.

“There’s a lack of qualified pediatricians in the regions and the conditions of most buildings used for children’s clinics can’t provide patients the needed comfort,” the Audit Chamber said.

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