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Tsvetnoy Mall – Shopping & Casual Eating

Tsvetnoy is one of our favorite department stores in Moscow, especially with their new food market: Briket market. The convenient size; the broad selection of mid- to upscale brands combined with nice lunch options makes Tsvetnoy an attractive shopping destination.

Find some nice interior details or gifts on the lower level, check the selection of art/fashion/photography books on the first floor or browse through the coolest sports clothing on the second floor. More clothes and shoes can be found on the next two floors - whereas the fourth floor carries the more upscale brands.

Recently the fifth floor of Tsvetnoy store has been transformed to a food market (Briket market) with a nice selection of providers serving dishes from all over the world. You can combine shopping with a quick tasty lunch or maybe a glass of wine with a friend. Our favorite providers are Chicken and Duck, Testa (great pizza); for coffee and desserts do not miss Injir. Even if you are looking for some privacy we still suggest you stay in the food market and not in the Mexican Casa Corona restaurant. The restaurant setting is attractive but not the food unfortunately. The food market is still in development so new places will pop up.

On the 6th floor you will soon find the best family cafe Littles ( They will open in January 2020.

Location: Tsvetnoy bulvar 15/1,
Metro: Tsvetnoy Bulvar

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