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Russia Tosses Tomatoes at First-Ever 'Tomatina' Fest

Olga Maltseva / TASS

What do you do with 20 tons of tomatoes and a very large space? You have a food fight, of course. With its roots in Valencia, Spain, the "Tomatina" festival took place in Russia for the first time this weekend in the town of Tikhvin, Leningrad region.

Here's a look at the tomato throwdown in action:

The "La Tomatina" festival first originated in Buñol, Valencia. 

The goal: For participants to throw tomatoes at each other, getting fully immersed in ripe red slush in the process.

The reason? None whatsoever — it's all done in the name of good fun and entertainment.  

That feeling when you're up to your knees in a sticky situation. 

The festival has been held since 1944 or 1945.

For prime sliding potential and turf protection, the stadium was covered with a waterproof film.  

Do we have a winner? 

A fun day out (or your favorite worst nightmare.)

If ever there was a good time for Crocs...

Organizers say no tomatoes suitable for consumption were harmed in this event.

When you're in over your head over something you said you'd do for fun. 

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