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Kim Jong Un Rides Armored Train to Russia. And Mark Galeotti on Mueller, Ukraine and Teaching in Russia

Kim Jong Un arrived in Vladivostok on Wednesday for a three-day visit in an armored train. He was greeted with flowers, and bread and salt. We talk to Mikhail Korostikov, the Kommersant journalist who broke the news of the meeting about what the two leaders want from the summit.

Regular Moscow Times columnist and author of two new books, “We need to talk about Putin” and “Vory: Russia’s super mafia,” Mark Galeotti is in town. We speak to him about life after the Mueller report, the recent elections in Ukraine, and what it’s like teaching transnational crime at Russia’s most elite university.

From Russia With News is hosted by Jonathan Brown and produced by Pjotr Sauer. The episode was recorded and edited at CM Records Studio in central Moscow.

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