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The Wall Forms in St. Petersburg

Fantasy came to life as a "Games of Thrones"-esque wall of ice formed in Russia's northern capital this week.

egorshinvalya / Instagram

Russians were awestruck at the sight of an ice wall that appeared outside St. Petersburg, instantly drawing comparisons to "the Wall" from the popular television series "Game of Thrones."

But unlike that wall, which was built from ice to protect Westeros from Wildlings and the undead, the Russian version formed during an unusually strong snowstorm and soon became a source of fun for locals and tourists alike.

The wall poses a risk to the area's seals, however: It can cut them off from the sea, BBC reports. A conservation group that works with seals in the Baltic Sea has urged Russians to alert it to any stranded seals found in the region.

See the photos of the wall posted on social media below:

The wall looks to be about five-people-tall. 

"Dzhon Sneg" takes on the ice and snow with his direwolf. 

As far as the eye can see. 

When there's just nowhere to sit. 

Nowhere to go but up. 

Kings and queens of the world rejoice. 

Sometimes you get stuck in traffic, sometimes traffic gets stuck in snow. 

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