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Head-on Bus Crash Kills 13 Near Moscow

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia / TASS

At least 13 passengers have been killed in a head-on bus collision some 170 kilometers north of Moscow on Friday.  

A Ford Transit wagon carrying 14 passengers from the city of Tver to a nearby town drove into the oncoming lane and hit a public transportation bus at around 8 a.m. Moscow time, the state-run TASS news agency cited the Ministry of Emergency Situations as saying.

All but one of the minibus passengers were immediately killed in the head-on collision, with one 19-year-old passenger hospitalized in serious but stable condition.

The bus driver and its only passenger are being treated for various injuries.

Investigators have opened a criminal case into the violation of safety requirements that resulted in multiple deaths.

More than 19,000 people died in traffic accidents in Russia last year, according to an online service that tracks the incidents.

Reuters contributed reporting to this article.

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