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Russian TV Defends Trump's Manhood Against Stormy Daniels' Claims

Vesti Nedeli / Youtube

State-run Russian television has come to the defense of U.S. President Donald Trump’s private parts against allegations by adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

Daniels, who has claimed she had a sexual encounter with Trump a decade ago, has reportedly written a memoir about her running legal battles with Trump. Excerpts of the book obtained by Britain’s The Guardian describe his allegedly “smaller than average” but “not freakishly small” genitalia.

Pro-Kremlin pundit Dmitry Kiselyov accused Daniels of “professional deformation” in his weekly talk show on Sunday, adding that her accusations were a “hit below the belt.”

“No one seems to be concerned about the fact that porn actresses have their own rating system when it comes to size and what ‘average’ means,” he said in a news segment titled “Militant Porno.”

“Her partners in film were selected on the basis of unnaturally grotesque dimensions.”

“So let’s support Trump, purely as men,” he told viewers.

The Rossia broadcaster’s Vesti Nedeli news show anchor accused Washington’s political establishment of “bullying.”

“How do you think Donald Trump should answer?” Kiselyov implored. “Is he supposed to pull down his zipper and whip out his goods?

Reuters contributed reporting to this article.

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