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Siberian Transport Police Show Off Dance Moves in New Music Video

Siberian transport police officers are mixing business and pleasure with dance moves in a new music video that some Russian news outlets are calling the dance of the year.  

The 3-minute dance track features uniformed land, sea and air police officers lip-syncing to lyrics about their jobs and making stiff gestures with their forearms.

“Transport police - three lines of fate,” the song sings. “Some people are on holiday, some people are traveling with their family, and we are protecting you everywhere.”

The  head of the Siberian transport police cultural center, Natalia Basova, told local media the music video, “Three Lines of Fate,” took two weeks to film and edit.

“The police didn’t know they were acting, they were just doing what they were told,” Basova told Novosibirk’s news website last week.

Russian outlets declared the new moves featured in the video a “dance of the year” that “you won’t forget for a while.”

Online users appeared to agree, with one Twitter account calling the video “the best thing we’ve seen in our lives.”

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