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Angry Bees Chase Russian Police From Accident Scene


A note to future criminals: keep a beehive handy to chase away police.

Law enforcement officers in southern Russia were prevented from accessing the scene of a road accident by a swarm of angry bees.

Several hives of bees spilled onto a highway in the Krasnodar region when a truck carrying the insects collided with an off-road vehicle, Interfax reported Tuesday, citing an anonymous source. No human casualties were reported in the incident.

“The bees went mad and attacked everyone who tried to approach the beehives lying on the road,” Interfax quoted the source as saying.

It took police over an hour to clear the crime scene, the news agency said.

Commentary about the incident on social media ranged from expressions of sympathy for the bees to jokes about the Winnie the Pooh cartoon bear being left without honey.

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