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Russian State Officials Earn Twice as Much as Doctors, new Figures Reveal

RudolfSimon / Wikicommons

Government officials in Russia earned twice as much as doctors and three times as much as teachers last year, according to official statistics. 

Federal civil servants saw their salaries go up for the first time since 2013 this year after President Vladimir Putin signed a decree in December 2017 authorizing their wages to increase by 4 percent.

An average federal government official earned 118,300 rubles ($2,073) per month in 2017, Russia’s federal statistics agency Rosstat reported last week. 

By comparison, doctors earned on average 56,445 rubles ($988) per month in 2017, or roughly one-half of state officials’ salaries, while teachers earned 34,921 rubles.

Average salaries across all industries that do not include small businesses totalled 44,907 rubles per month nationwide and 94,936 rubles per month in Moscow.

The Kremlin, the Cabinet and the Audit Chamber had the highest-paying jobs in the Russian government system with average monthly salaries ranging from 227,000 rubles to 180,000 rubles, according to Rosstat’s latest data.

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